The development countermeasure of printing machinery manufacturing industry in China

Since entering the 21st century, computer technology, network technology, digital technology, laser technology to promote the development of printing technology and printing machinery and equipment, the world's major printing machinery suppliers have proposed to provide printing companies with digital solutions, including various process integration proposals, and joint upstream and downstream product suppliers, jointly open up a new market. The development countermeasures of China's printing machinery manufacturing industry should be under the existing resource conditions, in line with the principle of keeping up with the development trend of world science and technology, advancing with The Times, and grasping the key core technical issues to promote the development of printing machinery science and technology.

1. Continue to promote pre-press digitization and networking

The market growth space of computer laser phototypesetting system is not large, but considering the labor-intensive characteristics of printing enterprises and the high price of CTP plate, therefore, it will maintain stable development before 2010.

Computer direct platemaking system and digital printing system have a large space for development, is expected in 2010 digital printing system installed capacity will exceed 20,000 units. The mastery and manufacture of its hardware technology is still a big blank. Prepress software development space is large, especially digital printing digital process management system software, variable data typesetting system, database typesetting system and so on. Fill the blanks of hardware, carry forward the advantages of software, and construct the on-demand printing and publishing Internet platform with Chinese characteristics.

2, improve the quality and stability of printing machinery main engine

The increasingly open Chinese economy has provided a good policy and created a good environment for the application of contemporary world scientific and technological achievements in China's printing machinery to improve the quality and stability of the main engine.

Offset press is the backbone of the printing industry main equipment, catch up with the advanced level of foreign products, improve the quality and stability of the offset press products, reduce the auxiliary operation time, is the main direction.

From the technical point of view, we should focus on the solution of computer ink presetting and remote control adjustment, ink balance and nonlinear speed automatic tracking, automatic registration, paper budget, automatic rubber washing, automatic plate change; The braking and tension control of paper roll, automatic paper threading, automatic paper bonding, rewinding function, sheet cutting function and so on.

From the development trend, it is necessary to achieve the operation program, the digital value of the adjustment machine, the centralized location of the adjustment machine, the closed-loop control system, the remote control and the formation of the integration of machine, light and electricity.

Rapidly expand the production scale of sheet-fed offset presses with a speed of more than 15,000 sheets and web offset presses with a speed of more than 60,000 sheets, with advanced technology, stable product quality, excellent after-sales service, reasonable product prices, and strive to compete with foreign brand machines in the market, expand market share, and create a new situation in the manufacture of offset presses.

3. Accelerate the industrialization of flexographic printing

With the technical breakthroughs in plate materials, inks, and webbed rollers that restrict the development of flexographic printing presses, coupled with the advantages of environmental protection and green products, flexographic printing presses have an impact on the monopoly position of offset printing and gravure printing. China's printing industry planning has made it clear that by 2010, we will strive to expand the current flexographic printing market to 7% to 30%, which will bring broad space for the development of flexographic printing presses.

The development of flexographic printing and offset printing, gravure and screen printing combination, and the composition of the post-processing device, to achieve integration.

Development of short flexible flexographic presses. New technologies such as printing set and plate changing function and on-line printing and processing are applied to meet the "personalized needs" of short printing.

Research and development of more than 1000mm wide flexographic printing presses, satellite flexographic printing presses and multi-color corrugated box printing and slotting machines, to adapt to the domestic newsprint, interior decoration materials, food materials, paper books and other printing and processing fields.

4, the development of high-tech gravure printing press, to meet the green printing change

Intaglio printing has developed rapidly with its characteristics of high pressure, thick ink color, high printing accuracy and wide adaptability. With the development of market economy, the printing industry has higher and higher requirements for gravure printing machinery, and the traditional gravure printing equipment can not meet the needs of use, forcing gravure printing machine to continue to study and innovate to adapt to the new process requirements of the printing industry. For example, with the corrugated board paper pre-printing function of large multicolor set type gravure printing press, a variety of linkage with printing set type gravure printing press and shafeless multicolor set type gravure printing press, new technology and new concept of gravure printing came into being.

To maintain the strong competitiveness of the market, we must solve the environmental performance of gravure printing and take the road of green printing. Therefore, gravure printing machine also needs to adapt to the changes brought about by the green printing revolution, which has become a top priority.

Gravure printing machine development direction is:

1) The structural design is standardized and modular. New models can be converted in a short time; 2) High-precision structure movement. Through the application of motor, encoder and digital control (NC), dynamic load control (PLC) and other high-precision controllers to complete, and appropriate to the direction of high-tech products; 3) Intelligent control. Research and development of remote diagnosis function on high-speed gravure printing machine; 4) Diversified equipment functions. Such as printing coating wire, printing composite wire, printing, die cutting, crosscutting, indentation wire and so on.

5, vigorously develop high, fine screen printing machine

In recent years, the rapid development of screen printing, screen printing machine manufacturing enterprises up to more than 200, the annual industrial output value of about 300 million yuan, with flat screen platform, round screen platform and drum (rotary) type three categories of more than 40 products. However, the scale of the enterprise is small, the level is uneven, the product technology is low and repeated, and the quality is not fine enough. Therefore, the research and manufacture of high level and high precision screen printing machine is the direction of future development.

Consolidate and improve the level of semi-automatic and automatic screen printing machines, improve the degree of automation of control and detection, and ensure the stability and reliability of machines and equipment.

Develop and develop high-end automatic screen printing machine.

The high-end screen printing machine should have fast speed, multiple printing format specifications, high overprinting accuracy, a wide range of substrates, a wide range of substrate thickness, and special effects in printing, and the automatic configuration of the offset press is applied to the screen printing machine.

Advanced research on digital wax spray direct screen plate (CTS) equipment, and gradually narrow the gap with foreign products.

6, open up a variety of ways, focus on research and development of digital equipment

Today's world has entered the digital era, the application of computer technology to printing machinery has produced new technical concepts of various solutions for digital processes. Subsequently, a variety of digital printing equipment was produced, and industrialization was completed at a very fast speed. This is the trend and development trend of technology, and we should pay close attention to it. However, its growth trend in the Chinese market will grow slowly with the continuous improvement of digital printing equipment and consumables technology, the reduction of production costs, the increasing demand for personalized printing and the change of traditional concepts.

Large enterprise groups and enterprises with certain conditions should track and analyze the various products of the world's digital printing machine manufacturers in a timely manner, and train the talent team to adapt to this development, choose the best market opportunity, find the entry point, and cooperate with foreign manufacturers to jointly develop and produce CTP direct platemaking machines, digital inkjet printing machines, digital proof presses, etc. Form stable production capacity. For the research of digital printing press and other CTP equipment and printing press network workflow, IT is necessary to introduce technology or jointly tackle the domestic IT industry, get involved in the digital cutting-edge field as soon as possible, and strive to produce results in about five years, and meet the efficiency of the rapid growth period.

7. Post-press equipment and post-press finishing equipment are developing in the direction of diversification, automation, high-speed and linkage

Post-press equipment and post-press finishing equipment variety, different levels, with the development of rubber, soft, concave, screen printing machine and short printing, personalized printing, on-demand printing and digital technology development, post-press equipment must be constantly innovative in technology, new products continue to be launched, to pre-press, printing integration, digital development, is the current focus.

Book printing to achieve folding, page matching, line locking, paper cutting and other equipment serialization, standardization, linkage, improve the level of automation, improve product quality level, improve work efficiency.

Packaging and printing should continue to expand the supporting fields, and develop post-press equipment and post-press finishing equipment that can adapt to various printing materials, various specifications and various characteristics. At the same time, attention should also be paid to the development of special printing equipment required in packaging printing.
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