Function and application of ultrasonic sewing machine

First, the function of ultrasonic sewing machine
Ultrasonic sewing machine is a kind of high-tech equipment which uses ultrasonic vibration to stitch two or more layers of fabric together quickly, firmly and environmentally friendly. Ultrasonic sewing machines can be used to process a variety of fabrics, such as pure cotton, polyester, nylon, plastic, nonwovens and so on. It has the following functions:
1. Efficient and fast: the use of universal ultrasonic vibrator, large amplitude, high frequency, can quickly stitch the fabric together, faster production speed.
2. Strong and durable: When ultrasonic stitching two layers of fabric, high-frequency friction heat will be generated between the two layers of fabric, making the fiber melt and together. Therefore, the products using ultrasonic stitching have good fastness and durability.
3. Environmental protection and pollution-free: Ultrasonic stitching does not require the use of needles and threads, without the use of any chemicals and glue, so there is no toxicity, odor, nor any waste generated, is a very environmentally friendly and pollution-free stitching method.
Second, the application range of ultrasonic sewing machine
Ultrasonic sewing machines have a wide range of applications, such as:
1. Textile technology: used to manufacture a variety of textiles, such as T-shirts, skirts, underwear, bed sheets and so on.
2. Auto parts manufacturing: used for sewing car seats, doors, roofs, etc., with strong, durable, beautiful and other characteristics.
3. Packaging industry: used for the production of packaging bags, food packaging and sewing of masks, protective clothing, medical bags and other products.
4. Electronics industry: Used to manufacture various electronic product components.
In short, the application field of ultrasonic sewing machines is very wide, and with the development of technology and continuous innovation, the application field will be further expanded.
【 Conclusion 】
Ultrasonic sewing machine is an efficient, environmental protection, no waste of modern sewing equipment, its application range is very wide, can be used for all kinds of fabrics and various fields of sewing. At the same time, ultrasonic sewing machines also have strong and durable characteristics, which is the development direction of the sewing industry in the future.
Post time: 2024-01-02 05:31:53